Applicant #2: Yasmine Hill

Yasmine Hill is a 19-year-old from Detroit.

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Yasmine's current situation:

I am Yasmine Hill, but You can call me Yaz Bat. I am a theatre major at Wayne State University. I'm 18 years young and i love music. I play guitar,ukulele, french horn, and piano. Two out of four were self-taught. You can guess which. I play lacrosse and a couple of other sports. I support To Write Love On Here Arms,( TWLOHA) A Non-profit organization dedicated to support suicide prevention. I plan to change the world!

Yasmine's blog post:

We often confuse the idea of success and the idea of winning very often. What is the difference? It is simple. Winning is a chance to have lady luck on your side. You are giving the chance to have an opportunity. It may work out for you and it may not. In winning, if you do not meet your goal then you fail. Success, however, is pure perspiration and inspiration. You work hard and it pays off. Similar to winning there are different levels of success. There are differences between levels. The different levels are success are not given to you as the result of not reaching another level. Success can last forever, seeing how there are always things to achieve. In fact, you can be successful at winning, but you can't win success. So tell me, would you want to be a winner or a success?