Applicant #18: Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams is a 24-year-old from Detroit.

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HELLO WORLD! I'm Benjamin! I'm a recent graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and I love speaking and meeting new people. I think I would be an excellent choice for Young and Free Michigan, because I love learning and teaching! I'm currently a teaching artist with Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, and I volunteer as Director of the Artists Mentorship Program at the Arts League of Michigan. I also know how to have a handle on finances! Please pick me!

Benjamin's blog post:

Let’s be honest, numbers are intimidating and learning how to spend your money seems just about as fun as going to the dentist! But the thing is, if we as young adults start practicing personal finance management now, we’ll be much better off for our future. We have to stop using the excuses of, “being in school”, or “being too busy” to learn about our money. The more we learn about money, the more of an advantage it will be to us.

I know its hard to do and sounds so boring, but the reality is: just because we “unlike” something on Facebook doesn’t mean it will go away in real life. Learning anything new is going to create a challenge, but facing challenges is what make us stronger and wiser people. So young adults of Michigan, I challenge you: Let’s get over ourselves and learn about our money together!

Think about it like this… someone just gave you a new I-Phone 4, but you’ve never had one before. You have no understanding of how to download apps, have a conversation with FaceTime, or even send text messages. So, unless you learn how to use this gift you’ve been given, it’s not going to be very helpful to you. In order to lean how to use your new I-Phone, you have to read the manual, or talk to someone about it!

The same is true for your money. We have to take the time to learn what money is and how to use it in order for it to be any benefit to us. Sure, just like any smart phone, you can try to just figure it out on your own, but you’ll end up making a lot more mistakes (believe me, I once deleted all my contacts and photos because I didn’t read the manual, lol) If we as young people would just take out the time and learn about money, we can leave college and enter the world with financial stability and not be so overwhelmed with loan and credit card debt.

This is what Young and Free Michigan is all about! Young and Free is the “manual” for young adults to learn about being the financial savvy heroes we were meant to be. So Join me, as I learn and teach all my wonderful followers how to be Young and Free with Michigan First Credit Union!