Applicant #17: Timmy Nelson

Timmy Nelson is a 21-year-old from Trenton.

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I currently 21 years old and a senior at the University of Detroit Mercy, graduating this May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Studies and a minor in Philosophy.

With such a wide variety of hobbies and interests, in no way could one understand my personality in such a small blurb. Some key interests include: drawing, backpacking, fencing, Geocaching, playing video games, knitting, drinking tea, enjoying anything Disney/Pixar related, and Defending against the Dark Arts. I am also a fully trained Jedi Knight and Pokémon Master. As a Freelance Artist, I fuse the arts of Typography, Graphic Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop together into a menagerie of beauty and creativity.

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Timmy's blog post:

My younger brother Philip and I share interests in (close to) everything, whether it is video games, cartoons, sports, backpacking, or Jedi training, we enjoy and embrace our common nerdiness. Growing up, we also learned the importance of financing, how monetary conscientiousness can help ourselves as well as help those less fortunate. Today, we continue to support each other in all our endeavors, both emotionally and financially. Philip’s encouragement through all my accomplishments, failures, ambitions, and dreams fuels the fires of my spirit. Calm and collected (unless I’m beating him at video games), my brother reminds me to stay level-headed under life’s pressures. He redefines what it means to be true to oneself and although four years younger, Philip remains a major influence in my life.

Being the older brother, I always try to set a good example for Philip. Throughout adolescence, I have always been surrounded by countless opportunities to serve my community. Whether through the numerous outreach and extracurricular programs offered in high school or through my scouting career from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout, service to others has become a part of my personality. Entering college at the University of Detroit Mercy, I wanted to continue to expand my knowledge and devotion to service and reflection, given the unique and convenient chance to be living in the heart of the Motor City. Alpha Phi Omega prides itself as the top service co-ed fraternity in the nation. What better way to develop my character and strengthen my ability to lead than crossing into this national service fraternity founded by the Boy Scouts! We strive as brothers to serve the community for the greater good and to understand the human condition, how many are left struggling financially, emo tionally, and spiritually. Sometimes a positive attitude is all a person needs during hard times and our chapter focuses many of our services specifically towards those living below the poverty line in downtown Detroit and the surrounding area. Part of my drive to participate, in both The Boy Scouts of America and Alpha Phi Omega, stems from a desire to be Philip’s role model.

Beginning his collegiate journey in the fall of 2011 at the University of Detroit Mercy, Philip continues to reinforce our childhood camaraderie in shared interest as we both journey onward as fellow Detroit Titans. I hope my acts of leadership, service, and friendship help guide him through college and beyond, set forth as examples in the development of his integrity, as he has inspired the refinement of mine. I want him to enjoy his remaining academic years as I have: filled with virtuous morals, strong convictions, and a passionate devotion to education, financial sustainability, and fun. I can only hope that our brotherly love will continue to flourish and inspire others to act as we do, through kindness and compassion, without thought of reciprocation. Philip has been, and always will be, my closest friend, my biggest inspiration, and the everlasting bond we share is my greatest treasure.