Applicant #16: Caryn Miller

Caryn Miller is a 22-year-old from Farmington Hills.

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Caryn's current situation:

I am graduating from Albion College in May where I currently study Economics and Management and Art. As the author of I have the opportunity to share positive Michigan experiences through my writing and photography. I also work as a portrait and event photographer where I have the opportunity to support one of my passions, meeting and working directly with people. I am also extremely passionate about the importance of young people using their energy and creativity to support the state of Michigan. Our generation has so much to offer and I want to help my peers apply themselves and become strong, financially secure citizens.

Caryn's blog post:

I am here to take the negative perceptions of Michigan and recast them in the light of a better future. We are so fortunate to live in a place where creativity is a front-runner for success. Innovation and entrepreneurship are around every corner. As a state we are in a stage of recovery, the time when great opportunities are born. As young people we have the opportunity to be the voice of change, to see what is yet to exist and create it. It sounds cliché, I know, but it is true. Michigan needs its young people, and in return Michigan has so much to offer each of us.

Look all around you and you see reasons why this state is wonderful. The Great Lakes and their expanses of white sand beaches, ski mountains and sparkling forests, farmlands and orchards, and culturally vibrant cities rich with diversity. We have it all. Not only do we have the locations, but each is populated with friendly Midwesterners who know what it is like to work hard and have a whole lot of fun along the way. The opportunities are here waiting for us; the world is spinning increasingly fast, we need to be prepared to hop aboard. We have to be ready to react and use some imagination to create a change unlike any we have seen before.

This is my plea to our generation. Let’s take all of our big ideas and put them into action, use our fresh ideas effectively. We have seen and heard about Michigan’s heyday. Let’s get back to those days. It may not be easy, but in life it seems the most rewarding actions are never the easy ones. Opportunities are ours for the taking. Will you look at the state of the economy as a disaster or as a challenge? If it is a challenge then we are prompted to pick up our heads and use some elbow grease. We have the choice not only to redirect the future of our state, but also to become financially strong. Opportunities to apply ourselves, working together to make these changes, and turn Michigan into a proud state where young people search out careers.

It may seem like a lot to ask. Getting started in this thing called the real world appears a little scary, even without a focus on changing the world. Don’t run in fear from these opportunities, lending hands are all around. Let’s take Michigan First Credit Union and embrace their willingness to support our generation. Nobody says that becoming financially independent and becoming successful at it is easy, but with dedication and a little help along the way we can make it there.

I am excited to meet those individuals that are ready to spice it up here in Michigan, to be the change our state needs. Let’s give back to this Great Lakes state, learn a lot along the way, and have a whole lot of fun.