Applicant #15: Athena Marx

Athena Marx is a 23-year-old from Oak Park.

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Athena's current situation:

I am currently a senior at Wayne State University studying broadcast journalism. I'm a full-time student as well as a part-time work. I work as a teller at a local credit union. I also intern at Greater Media Detroit. And last but not least I'm a freelance writer for

Athena's blog post:

I believe that during college is the most important time for young people to learn what it means to be in the real world. College prepares you to be responsible and to learn an endless amount of information that will help you in the real world, but nothing can prepare you more than living on your own.

I moved out of my parents house when I was 20 years old. I had no idea how many things factor into an independent lifestyle. Even taking out the garbage every Thursday was something I had to learn to get use to. But the thing that was the most difficult for me to grasp was changing my spending habits. I no longer just had to pay for things I "wanted", but now had to pay for things I "needed." What a huge difference. I was now clipping coupons instead of clipping out the picture of the newest shoes I wanted.

Not only was shopping for the latest trends something I had to edit out, but shopping for a simple thing called food was now something I had to edit in. I was actually now excited to buy the Sunday paper for all the weekly grocery ads.

I also had to learn how to save money as well. In case of anything happening, for example, if I had an unexpected car repair and didn't have any money put away I would be put in the hole until my next paycheck, that is unless I had money saved away for a rainy day.

I understand everyone's situation is different, but more than likely at one point in everyone's life their going to have to support themselves. That's why it's important for young people to start learning at a younger age how to manage finances.