Applicant #14: Janelle O'Hara

Janelle O'Hara is a 23-year-old from Eastpointe.

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Hi! Janelle O'Hara here, a 23-year-old graduate of Lawrence Technological University where I majored in Media Communication with a concentration in Television and Video Production. When I'm not working part-time at LTU filming, editing, and uploading videos, I produce projects with my production group, Accidental Jeggings Productions. We make short films, funny YouTube videos, and a weekly podcast called "Sorry, Wrong Pants." This job is perfect for me, because it incorporates all of the activities I already do for fun!

Janelle's blog post:

Fiscal responsibility. We hear that phrase all the time; but what does it mean?

Young people know they shouldn’t blow their money on things like food, shopping, and entertainment, but we do it anyway. A college education is expensive, and in this economy, it’s not a guaranteed ticket to a professional job. Starting to save early is crucial, but where’s the financial education in the college curriculum?

I believe that all secondary education institutions should require a financial planning course in order to graduate. Learning how to survive on a budget, save money, and invest wisely are basic life skills that are glaringly absent from the curriculums of many universities.

Granted, these are things that should probably be taught at home. However, the fact remains that many students are graduating college and entering the professional world buried in debt with no clue what a 401k is, how to properly file tax returns, or how to effectively use a credit card.

A mandatory financial planning course can help ready this generation to be responsible with their money, make wise investments, and ultimately stabilize our weak economy.