Applicant #11: Nathaniel Mckinstry

Nathaniel Mckinstry is a 21-year-old from Warren.

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Nathaniel's current situation:

Hi, my name is Nathaniel Mckinstry and I'm 21 years old I currently work part-time and stay in warren Michigan. I do plan on getting back in school, but right now work is best so that I'm able to make ends meet. Me, my mother and sister reside together I work one job and my mother works two. As this economy gets more unstable times are already harder than ever not to mention me being in an auto accident earlier this year which has put me out off work for almost four months now. Having this job would have so many positive outlooks such as me connecting with others as well as recovering and getting a head start on my personal issues. There is much I would like to accomplish and with a helping hand that could all make a difference. I never thought that I would be the one to help and support my family, but when my father passed when I was one I knew it would soon become a job that I would be proud of. We really don't have any time for any extras e verything pretty much has a purpose and a direction. I'm just trying to make it like everyone-else, but the difference is that maybe someone that has made it will give me a chance as well. A change is definitely needed either now or then hopefully something good could happen

Nathaniel's blog post:

For my generation to come, well I assume there is a lot in store for me personally. Since my mind is so confident I can only want what’s exceptional. I think that I would be rewarded with a great natural life with the mind set I have now. I try and do everything that's good just by helping friends out and most certainly family. I consider the path that I'm on to be a path that will lead me far, because I'm dedicated to success. Learning off peoples mistakes while watching and listening has kept me on track. Handling and saving money is one part of refining ones generation. Some healthful tips I could suggest is start by opening up a savings account put a little away each week or each month depending on what’s more affordable. If your employer offers benefits try and learn about 401k and get it going as soon as possible. There are also so many other kinds of savings such as Cd's, Certificates of Deposits, Money Market Accounts and US Savings Bond. Something el se you can do is save all change. When you’re interested in purchasing items make sure you shop around it can save you an abundance of money. Being able to handle and control your own money and life is the definition of free will but self-control, also known as self-ownership is my definition of freedom. I announcing the word out to my age bracket am my job and it will affect my generation and others and that's what I planned to do.