Applicant #10: Matthew Vallevand

Matthew Vallevand is a 22-year-old from Detroit.

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Matthew's current situation:

I'm a senior at Wayne State University, soon to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology.

Matthew's blog post:

One of the reasons I'm most excited about being able to represent Michigan First Credit Union is because credit unions are something that I've believed for a good while now. (I've been a member at MFCU since I was 16.) A few of my friends even teased me a little about how I went on about the advantages of credit unions, but it's an important issue for our generation.

When the stock market crashed in 2008, we learned that it was because greedy investors were giving out loans to people who they knew were unlikely to pay it off, especially with the small print involved in the deal. Eventually, Wall Street needed to be bailed out, and we were told that that it was the right move to do it and keep money moving. Fair enough. But then they gave big bonuses to their CEOs and were unapologetic for the damage they caused, leaving the rest of us feeling used.

Credit unions are different. Customers are members and part owners of the institution, and there is more support to make sure that you learn how to manage your money properly. When the credit union profits, the community wins, not just the guys at the top. With great perks and friendly service, Michigan First has been the only place that I've needed for my banking, and I would love to be able to hit the road and help more people learn about the advantages of being a member with Michigan First.