Applicant #1: Cate Callahan

Cate Callahan is a 21-year-old from Rochester Hills.

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I am in my last 5 weeks at Michigan State University. I cannot wait to start my professional career, and hope to sneak some travel in as well, if it doesn't cut into my wedding budget!

Cate's blog post:

I could not be more excited for the future of my generation. I have seen so much progress as a society in the years I have lived. The leaders of yesterday have raised the leaders of today. Society has established key morals in the individuals of my generation. The difference seems based in a sense of obligation to the world, not just to the nation. In a world where anything is achievable, it is hard not to see great possibilities. New issues are coming into the spotlight as a result of the inquiries by my generation. Just the knowledge of these social problems means huge things for the future. The most exciting aspect for the future is technology. Ideas propel these frequent advancements. Visible an idea almost guarantees it’s physical manifest. This could cause concern towards the use of this technology. Any advancement can be used for enlightenment or destruction. My instinct tells me this generation will be compassionate and generous. Wi th the current tragedy in Japan, I have seen how motivated those around me are. My generation wants to change this world for the better.

This power is nothing without knowledge. Enrollment in higher education has never been greater than it has today. The most useful education I have ever gotten has been at university. I have learned how to manage myself, and who I hope to be as a person. Michigan State University has given me the tools to achieve this. I have no doubt my peers had the same experience. Reasoning is a very important skill to acquire and most of my peers are developing that in college and university. Those I have come to know think logically and implicitly about the decisions they make. The character of my generation is moral and optimistic. These are the qualities of great leaders. I suppose this entry is about what my generation can offer the future, not the converse. Whatever the subject, it is quite promising.