Another Spokester's Perpective: Lee from YF Alabama

I'm always sitting here yelling at you to apply for my job, and I'm giving you all of my insight on the great year I've had -- but don't you crave another person's point of view once in a while? Lucky for you, I interviewed Lee from Young & Free Alabama, who is a "second" spokester (just like one of you will be!) and was nice enough to share some of his perspective on being a Spokester!


Me: How did the previous spokester's activities make you want to apply for the job?
Lee: Well, I had the fortune of knowing the previous spokester well before he ever got the job. Chris was and is one of the most technically capable people I know in media as well as one of the most talented and creative people I know. He lived up to his potential as a spokester and his video work as well as his creative blog series enticed me to think about doing something like it myself one day. When the job came open, I thought it would be a great opportunity. I saw how much it changed his life and thought, "I'd be crazy not to apply for this."
Me: Was there a specific aspect of the job that appealed to you the most? If so, which was it and why were you excited about it?
Lee: The over-all aspect of just being engaged with people all the time is what was most exciting to me about being a Young & Free Spokester. I knew that making videos, blogging and creating solid content would be enjoyable, but the fact that I get to be that face of the program and meet new people all the time was the most appealing part to me from the beginning. As a spokester, you're always meeting with and working with new faces to spread the word about your credit union and if you're an extraverted personality like mine, it's a lot of fun and immediately rewarding.
Me: Did you feel any pressure to "live up" to the previous spokester, or were you more pumped to put your own spin on the job?
Lee: Yes and Yes. Chris now works on staff in the credit union's marketing team, so I'm a bit in the shadow of his previous work which was fabulous. However, that actually challenges me to do something new and innovative in order to stand out from last year's giveaways, promotions, and what-have-you. So, I have a lot to live up to, but that's definitely encouraged me to make this job my own, something I'm still learning to do after almost a year.
Me: What has been your favorite event/promotion/video/etc. that you've done so far?
Lee: Right now, actually, we're doing a giveaway just for high schoolers which has been awesome so far. Almost all of our previous campaigns have been geared toward college students and I'm excited to be the face of Young & Free to high schoolers exclusively for once. High schoolers have such a fast and unforgiving energy to them which presents new challenges but concentrated rewards that go a long way with our team. 
Me: Any advice for those vying for the position?
Lee: Be. Your. Self. If you don't like being in front of a camera or doing something different each week, this job is not worth campaigning to get. But, if you think you can bring something new to the table after Janelle has wrapped up for good, and you know you can stand the very demanding and off-the-cuff nature of this job, apply now! Young & Free is all about new, fresh faces taking the good word of the credit union lifestyle to gen. Y and somebody's gotta do it. This job is really amazing, but like any opportunity in life, it's only what you make of it. So hop to it, work hard, and stand out!


I want to thank Lee for giving us all this information! It's so nice to hear about someone else's experience -- even though he lives in a different state, his approach to the job is awesome to hear about! THANKS FRIEND!

Stay awesome!