Allergy Season Doesn't Have To Break You

Allergy season doesn't have to wreak havoc on your wallet as well as your immune system. As a long time allergy sufferer, I know the feeling: itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, perpetual sore throat, and the occasional nagging cough from all the drainage. (Ew. Drainage. That's a gross word.)

But like I said, there are ways to avoid breaking the bank to curb your allergy symptoms.
Try these non-medication-related tips to reduce the amount of allergens your body is exposed to - and the best part is they're absolutely FREE. Prevention! HUZZAH!
1) Keep your windows closed.
If you suffer from outdoor allergies like pollen and ragweed, sleep with the window closed at night. If it's still warm, consider getting a fan to circulate the air and sleeping in less clothing. (Ooo, risque!)
2) Keep your clothing clean.
After an extended period of time outdoors, wash your clothes immediately or put them out of the way of your everyday life - say, in the basement, or in plastic trash bags if you can't wash right away. Allergens can be carried in from outside!
3) Keep your home spic-and-span.
Dust, mildew, mold, pet dander -- all of these can cause indoor allergies to act up. Make an extra effort to keep your home as dirt-free as possible, and you'll feel better!
4) Avoid smoke and strong fumes in your house.
Smoke and strong odors like perfumes and cleaning supplies can aggravate allergies. So even though you should keep your home as dust-free as possible, use supplies with gentler odors. Otherwise, it's kind of a FAIL, right?
Special thanks to for the tips! There are many more in the article, including how to save money when these remedies won't cut it and you need some medicinal help.
Stay healthy -- and awesome!