My Spokester story...

Two years ago, my husband got an email about this crazy awesome job. I had just moved to Michigan after getting married, which caused me to leave my job and start all over. I was working a job that I didn't enjoy just to make ends meet. I was ready for something at which I could really shine.. My husband called me right away when he read the job description. I remember the excitement in his voice when he told me, “Ebeth, I think I found your job.” He sent me the link to and as I read the job description, I knew this was the perfect opportunity. I just had to take it! 

The awesome part of all of this is that I didn't know about the job until a week before the application deadline! Now, two years later, I can’t imagine my life without the amazing opportunities and experiences that Young & Free Michigan gave me.  Are you going to take a chance and apply to be the next Young & Free Spokester? Hurry, applications are due by 3pm March 7th. That’s next Monday, so get started today.


Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,