Ahoy, There! Win Some Stuff!


Young & Free Michigan is all about giving you the tools and resources you need to navigate the scary, treacherous waters of personal finance. (I think I like the boat metaphor.) But it's ALSO about setting sail on the harbor of WINNING FREE STUFF! (even if it's lame.)
First, you can win up to $500 in textbooks if you enter our drawing by September 9th. It's totally free, and you don't even have to sign up for eUpdates to enter.
Speaking of signing up for eUpdates . . . so you don't HAVE to sign up for them, but if you do, you're entered to win a $50 gift card! If you're already a subscriber, participate on the site and be entered into the drawing (blog comments, ask the experts, etc.). The eUpdates aren't spammy, either. They come once a month and feature content from the blogs, my videos, and more ways you can either win free stuff or benefit from Michigan First's products. It's painless. I promise.
If you keep an eye on Facebook, you might even see some contests in the future. I have a feeling we'll be going crazy with the giveaways, and the only way you'll find out about them is to keep up with me! I know I sail along like a motorboat (well, THAT doesn't make sense), but by checking this site, Facebook, and Twitter, you'll be kept up to speed on everything going on over on my end of the ship!
That's all for these awful sailing metaphors. 
Stay awesome!