Age is Just a Number

Don't let anyone dismiss your thoughts and efforts as invalid because of your age.

As a young adult, it may seem difficult to be taken seriously. But being young doesn’t make you irrelevant. If anything, being young makes you innovative, energetic, fresh and new. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise because of your age. You’re young, not dumb. What you say and what you think are extremely valid.

The key thing about displaying your talents at a young age is having the confidence to do so. While I DO think it’s important to take advice and guidance from those older than us, I also suggest that we follow our hearts. I don’t mean that in some lets-party-and-lose-all-our-money sort of way. What I mean is if you’re passionate about something, follow through with whatever it is. Be realistic of course, but don’t EVER let someone dismiss your dreams and ideas as childish thoughts.

And don’t worry about spending your time or energy trying to convince people who are age-bias to take you seriously. The proof is in the pudding. If you know you’re doing a good job, keep doing it. And if you know you’re going the right way, keep walking in that direction. If someone discriminates against you because of your age, move on without them. You will do better with people who encourage you and with people who want the best for you.


You are not a child. You are a young adult. Key word being adult.

Walk confidently with that young person pep-in-your-step attitude.


We may be young, but we are the up and coming work force and we expect others to treat us with professionalism.


And if for whatever reason you begin to think you cannot achieve your dream because of your age, check out this list of the Top 30 Richest Young Entrepreneurs, ranging from the ages of 20 to 29. These YOUNG ADULTS followed through with what they believed in and ended up making a lot of money by doing so.


Forever young,

Vicky :)