Affordable Father's Day Ideas

Hey all you last minute shoppers!

I’ve been trying to rack my brain all week on what I wanted to get my Dad for Father’s Day.  As a college student who is on a tight budget, it can be extremely frustrating to see all the cool gifts on TV but know you can’t afford them. A prime example of these include the smart phone and new tablet advertisements. Yea they are cool, but what 18-25 year old has 700 extra bucks these days?  Instead of buying him the latest gadget, why not check out these cool applications that he can use on that smart phone while not breaking the bank! 

Check it out…

  • Fitness Builder: A pocket-sized workout plan with detailed instructions and pictures to help him get back to his college weight!  $19.99
  • CBS Sports Mobile:  Allows Dad to receive the latest sports news while keeping track of his real and fantasy team scores.  FREE
  • Xfinity Comcast: Allows Dad to change the channel from his smart phone or tablet!  He’ll never have to worry about searching for the remote again…or at least until he looses his phone.  FREE
  • Michigan First Mobile Banking: Allows Dad to check his balances, do transfers, view transaction history and pay bills!  *cough cough BEST APP EVER cough.  FREE
So let someone else who can afford it buy him the newest Ipad.  Just think about the quality time you can spend together teaching him how to use his fancy new app…Don’t give him the new smart phone, give him a reason to use it!
Now all we need is a grey hair locator app and he'll be all set!
Until Next time,