Having Trouble Answering the Scholarship Question?

Could you even imagine if someone walked up to you right now and gave you a check for $50,000?!  How would you react?  Would you go crazy and spend it all immediately or would you stow it away and save it for later?  Would you take that dream vacation or would you use it to chase your career?  How would YOU use it?  I know for me, it’s a pretty hard scenario to imagine and an even harder question to answer.

There is now less than a week left in the submission period for the Young & Free Scholarship Competition and as the Feb 12th deadline comes closer, I thought I would share with you the video that inspired this year’s scholarship question, “Other than paying for your education, what would you do with $50,000?”

 2012 Young & Free Spokester Summit in Nashville

2012 Young & Free Spokester Summit in Nashville

While this might seem a little random, I was first asked this question last October during an interview in Nashville with ZERO warning or preparation.  It was during the 2012 Young & Free Spokester Summit and while we were working on a promotional video downtown, each of the Young & Free Spokespersons were each pulled aside privately to be asked this question.  We had no idea it was coming and with no warning had to give an intelligent answer on the spot!  Talk about pressure!

So if you’re struggling with coming up with a great response and are looking for a little inspiration, check out how each of the Young & Free Spokesters answered the question.  While our answers aren’t perfect and or well thought out, they are honest reactions and might just serve as a little inspiration to help you get your wheels turning.

Check it out

The last thing I'll impress upon you is to be yourself!  Don't answer the question with what you think the judging panel will want to hear.  Tell us about your dreams and your goals.  Think about the opportunities you could take if you were suddenly $50,000 richer.  

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, please don't hesitate to comment below or email me any time at YoungFreeMichigan@Gmail.com.  The line is always open.

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