A Different Spin On Identity Theft

How To Steal a Zombie's Identity...

Everyone has heard on the news how identity theft can be a real problem if you are careless with your personal files.  We see commercials, radio adds and Internet banners all offering us different types of products that protect us from identity theft.   Even financial institutions offer excellent identity theft solutions.
Now this question might sound odd, but after watching several episodes of the walking dead I couldn’t help but wonder what happens to our identity after we pass away?  Turns out the government created a national registry called the Dead Master File.  It’s simply a list of deceased Americans that is supposed to help financial institutions and businesses stop identity theft.  The list is distributed to about 450 different state and local governments, as well as universities, hospitals and insurance companies.  However, any member of the general public can access records to any one person for $10!  For $955 you can buy an unlimited subscription for an entire year.
Don’t take me for some conspiracy theorist.  The government is taking steps to control this issue, but there have been a few cases where identity thieves have been able to pass of as a deceased individual.  People have been scamming information like this for a long time, but I thought this was interesting enough to share.
I only wonder what would happen to this list if the zombie scare ever came true! ;)
Until next time!