It could have been much worse...

Last week I was on vacation visiting family in Louisiana. I stayed in New Orleans for three days, where a whole lot of great food and lively culture was thrown at me. Then, I took a road trip down to Lafayette and from there my mom and I began driving to Alexandria. It was raining cats and dogs. The sky was dark, the wind was harsh and the visibility was little to none. My mom was driving carefully and we got an early start thinking it would be safer. Well, you can probably guess what happened next. Suddenly, the car lost control and began to spin out. We spun on the high way three times and slid backwards into the center ditch of the high way. It could have been much worse, but thankfully we didn’t flip, hit anyone, or anything. 

In that moment we were quite shaken up. My mother called AAA and I called 911 because the car slowly began to flood in the backseat and I knew if another car spun out we could be in big trouble. 

The car wouldn't start and the 911 operator let me know that someone had already reported us and that a state trooper was on the way. We waited about 20 min. for the state trooper to arrive and in that 20 min. two other strangers stopped their cars on the high way and got out of their cars in the pouring rain, to make sure we were okay. That touched my heart so much! 

Long story short, my mother’s insurance said she had a $1,000 deductible, which meant she could be paying at least $1,000. The state trooper called a tow truck, that came and pulled us out of the deep ditch that was turning into a little pond. We got to ride in the cop car and got dropped off at the nearest rest stop. 

Eventually we made it to the auto shop where my mother’s car was and the engine seemed fine. Apparently the engine was flooded and needed to be drained. The tow truck company and auto shop only charged my mom $273! FOR EVERYTHING! This man was out in a rain storm going up and down a steep hill to pulled us out, and then he drained the engine and got the car running again. We were amazed that they only charged my mom $273. By the way, all of this happened before 11:30AM. Talk about a full day.

This was a scary incident that I hope you never have to deal with, but it goes to show that things happen and emergency funds are extremely important. This could have cost a lot more, and without an emergency fund, you can find yourself unprepared for the unexpected. Start building your emergency fund as soon as possible and prepare for your future today.

I’m really trying not to be preachy in this blog post, because this is a HUGE testimony and my mother and I are blessed to be alive and without a scratch after what could have been a life threatening accident.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,