90 years ago...

Michigan First Credit Union is celebrating 90 years of community involvement, financial literacy presentations and making a difference in the Metro Detroit area. When I think about this organization being 90 years old, I can’t help but think of my precious grandparents, who are near and dear to my heart. My grandma and grandpa are both 92 years old. They have lived a full life, been through wars and financial lows and highs. They raised 8 successful children together. Moved across the country and have not only given me a legacy, but given me a wonderful example of how true love stands the test of life. I cherish every conversation I have with my grandparents, because they are full of wisdom and life experience. Let me stand on my soap box and ask you to please, make an effort to keep up with your grandparents, if they are still around. It’s important to them and should be important to us as young adults. They have been through tough times and it’s because of them that we are here today.

Michigan First is 90 years old! 90 YEARS OLD! From its humble beginning in 1926, the Detroit Teachers Credit Union was founded by 9 visionary teachers who saw the potential this credit union had. Shortly after, in 1952 the Detroit Teachers Credit Union became the largest credit union in the world! We held that title until the 60’s when Navy Federal Credit Union became larger. WOW! Then in 1961 our credit union became the first credit union in Michigan to install an electronic computer! Like, WHAT?! Can you even imagine how people reacted to that radical news? From the start, Detroit Teachers Credit Union, which was renamed Michigan First Credit Union in 2001, was a pioneer in Michigan and in the Credit Union world. Two years ago we became the first credit union in Michigan to go state wide, with over 118,000 members, and as of today, 14 branches today, there is no stopping us now! 

Happy Birthday Michigan First! Just as I honor my 92 year old grandfather for the impact he has had on my life, I honor this 90 year old organization for teaching, supporting, and giving our community a good name. Thank you Michigan First Credit Union and everyone who has played a part in making our credit union the best we can be. 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,