Great Apps to Downlaod

I will be the first to admit that I need to up my app game. My phone is full of very basic apps that don’t do too much. But, I decided to check out what was going on in the app world and try to take advantage of some of this cool technology. I compiled a list of apps that I think we might be able to benefit from that cost under $2.00. 


Laundry Day- 

This app is for the laundry incompetent. You know who you are. Something always shrinks, or turns pink. With this app, you use your camera phone to scan the care symbol on the clothing tag. Then the app will tell you how to properly wash your clothes! 



This app is like the Instagram/ Snapchat of Spotify. It allows you to be more social about the music your listening to. You can share what your listening to and your followers or friends can click on it and listen to the same music. They can also show your taste in music some love by liking your posts and commenting.



This is what dreams are made of! Your phone can do... I mean check your math homework! In no way am I suggesting you should cheat on your homework or take home test, but it is a great way to check your math problem to make sure you did it right. 



Have you ever gone to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game with friends, but its so loud in there that you can't hear the TV! Tunity allows you to scan the TV and your phone will pull the sound and allow you to play the audio from your device! Great for sports bars!



Ever had to turn in a homework assignment, or needed to keep an important piece of paper, but you wanted it electronically? This app turns your phone into a scanner. You snap a pic of your paper and the app will turn it into a PDF file. No scanner necessary! 


Safe Trek- 

Do you have a late class and have to walk back to your dorm in the dark through the city or are you just in situations where you don't feel too safe? This app could be a game changer and life saver. If you don’t feel safe, activate the app and hold down the button. When you arrive to your destination you enter your specific pin to shut down the app. However, if you are in danger or attacked you release the button without entering the pin, then the police will follow your phones location. 


Do you use any of those apps? What other apps should I check out?


Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,