6 Ways to Avoid a Shark Attack

Shark Week OOH HA HA! 

Just when I thought there would be nothing to watch on TV anymore now that the Olympics are over, I came to the realization that this week is SHARK WEEK!  While it may not be as widely watched as the Olympics, Shark Week holds its own by offering a plethora of thrilling documentaries and dangerous explorations into shark infested waters.  However, the weeklong celebration isn’t exclusive to just TV.  Discovery.com offers a bunch of educational and sometimes hilarious content.  In honor of the week long celebration of everything shark-like, I’ve listed my top 6 favorite excerpts from Discovery Channel’s 25 Ways to Avoid a Shark Attack!

Check it out

  1. Avoid looking like a seal. Reclining on a surfboard and wearing a wetsuit and fins can give you a seal's silhouette from a shark's perspective below.
  2. Skip swimming after heavy rains, which may move some freshwater fish, including sharks, into areas they would not otherwise frequent.
  3. Steer clear of dolphins and seabirds. They may not only attract sharks, but also often seek the same prey.
  4. Never attempt to feed a shark. Just don't.
  5. Carry shark repellent, which drives sharks off by mimicking the smell of their own dead or by co-opting the chemical signals with which they communicate
  6. Got an uneven tan? Skip swimming in open water because skin color contrasts, which may resemble color variations found on fish, seem to attract sharks.

In all reality, Metro Detroiters obviously have nothing to worry about, but I thought this goofy list was funny enough to share.  Check back on my FB page and Twitter all week long for more Shark Week updates and highlights!  If nothing else, watching Shark Week is a great way to distract yourself from the fact that school is fast approaching!
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