6 Tips for Conquering a Phone or Video Interview

Spring is here and it’s about time to start the job and internship hunt. If you passed the resume test then your next step in the interview process is usually a phone or video interview, especially if the opportunity is out of town. These types of interviews can be slightly awkward because there’s no physical interaction but they also save you a trip and you can do them in the comfort of your own home.


1.     Know the Position and Company


Not only should you research the company but you should also know the person who will be interviewing you. You can track them down on LinkedIn and learn about their role at the company and think of some questions to ask them. In a video or phone interview it’s ok to use your notes, but sure to sound natural and stay engaged.


2.     Find out what you need to do


In some cases, the company may want you to give them a call. If this happens, you should know the person you need to speak with, their title, their contact, and extension number. The most important thing is to be on time when calling, be confident, and prepared.



3.     Group Interviews

In some situations, interviewers will mention  that there are a few additional people on the call. They may want to ask you some questions as well, so be prepared and do not be thrown off by the amount of people. The way to keep things straight is to write down their names and titles as they introduce themselves.


4.     Anticipate the Questions

Video or phone interviews are generally introduction interviews and are usually done by the human resources department. Although you can never guess the questions that will be answered, you can research first round interview question. You can also expect that you will be asked about your resume, experience, and work ethic.


5.     Find A Quiet Place

If you live in a lively environment, consider going to the library and checking out a quiet room. Arrive early to make sure the internet connection and phone service is strong. Bring your laptop and phone charger as well.


6.     Appearance

Whether it’s a phone or a video interview, dress the part. I once had a phone interview at 7am and got up early to get fully dressed as if I was going in person. I felt more professional, confident, and prepared.


Interviews can be stressful, and whether they’re on the phone or through video if you’re prepared mentally and physically you’ll be ready to go. Keep these tips in mind and be ready to start accepting job offers!



Stay Young & Be Free,