6 Things Consider Before Getting A Pet In College

The internet is full of fuzzy, cuddly, and adorable pets. It seems like there’s nothing more comforting than coming home to a fuzzy friend after a long day, but in reality is it the greatest idea? Before you rush into your nearest shelter or pet store, consider these questions first.


1.     Do You Have Time for An Animal?


Unless you’re planning on getting a fish or a reptile, and even they need a little love, you need to consider your schedule. If you spend most of your time outside of your apartment, house, or dorm then a pet probably isn’t the best move.


2.      Are You Allowed A Pet?


Who hasn’t thought of sneaking a pet into their dorm? I know I have but is it really worth getting kicked out over? Definitely not. Make sure your lease agreement allows pets. If they don’t, they’ll probably end up charging you at least $25 extra a month in pet fees.


3.     Can You Afford It?


If you’re barely surviving in college, it may not be the best idea to bring a pet into the equation. Of course, pets have to eat but they also come with costly vet bills. When I first purchased my pup she was very sick and cost me hundreds of dollars in vet bills. She still has an occasional digestive issue or flea problem that needs attention and those bills can add up very quickly.


4.     Do I Plan on Moving?


If you are planning on moving up in your career you may be asked to relocate. Job offers can come from all over the world and lots of time pets don’t make the traveling list. You may be forced to either have your parents take care of your baby or give your pet away.


5.     Potty Training


If you’re planning on getting any kind of animal that needs to be house broken it’s so important that you have the time. It takes a routine and discipline to get your pet trained.



6.     Do You Have Room for Two?


Animals need space to move and grow. Does your living situation have room for a pet, especially a dog or cat? Another major thing to consider is whether your roommates are ok with having a pet. It’s unhealthy to keep a pet locked in your room so it’s very important to get the approval of everyone in the house.



If you answered these hard questions and feel ready for a pet, then congrats to you! But if these questions left you scratching your head, it’s better to know now then get into a commitment you can’t keep. There’s plenty of time to own a pet later, but for now make sure you have the time, energy, resources, and space before you make your decision to adopt or buy now.




Stay Young & Be Free,