6 Injuries Caused by Technology

There's a good chance you've found yourself with stiff fingers after typing a long research paper, or a slight headache after playing a video game for a long period of time. Did you know that our technology addiction is now producing physical ailments with their own names? Mentalfloss.com details some of the more common "modern" injuries. 

1) Text neck - Apparently, hunching over our phones and texting is causing strain on our necks. It's become so common that there's actually an entire Text Neck Institute, and chiropractors are actually dedicating time to learn how to treat it.
2) Blackberry thumb - This is actually a more modern version of "Nintendo thumb", which is stiffness and swelling of the thumb joints due to repetitive stress injury. Our thumbs aren't designed to be as dextrous as the rest of our fingers, so texting with our thumbs isn't compatible with that finger's natural purpose.
3) Wii wrist - Thanks again, Nintendo. Aside from the risk of chucking the Wii-mote through your TV or at another human being, the Wii also increases the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries to your wrist, elbow and shoulder. Doing some special exercises after your Wii sessions can help with this.
4) Ear bud oblivion - Move aside, boom boxes, we're assaulting our eardrums with a new kid in town: the earbud. Yes, we're frying our cochleas while blasting whichever strong female soul singer is most popular at the moment, but we're also extremely distracted while wearing earbuds and are more likely to walk in front of cars or bicycles.
5) iPad shoulder - Any way you use a tablet, you're going to start being mildly uncomfortable, since typing on them isn't exactly easy. Doctors are finding an increasing number of patients suffering from poor posture and back pain due to hunching over tablets for prolonged periods of time, just like text neck.
6) Hogwarts headache - This isn't technological, but it's definitely modern. This one I have actually suffered from and can identify with, as someone who read the last Harry Potter book in 12 hours. Hogwarts headache occurs when children read for such long periods of time that they begin suffering from tension headaches. This was discovered when one doctor discovered a correlation between an increase in tension headaches in children and the release of Harry Potter books.
Make sure that if you start feeling pain from using your gadgets, you get up and take a break. However, I think I'll always be a victim of Hogwarts headache, because I can't stop reading Harry Potter. Ever.
Stay awesome!