Highly Requested: Step-by-Step of My Easy Hair Routine and Favorite Products

If only I could tell you how requested this blog post has been. Very few days go by without me being asked, "What do you do to your hair?"  And if I'm not being asked, I'm being curiously complimented. So I think this post will make both of our lives a little easier.

I wear my hair straightened, and curly (in it's natural state), both of which I love! For about 10 years I've been doing my own hair, and now I do lots of other beautiful women's hair as a side hustle. So I'd like to think I know a little sum'n sum'n.

Here are my top tips and the exact hair routine and products I use when I do my hair.

1. Shampoo/ Conditioner:

I usually use Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner which is very hydrating if you have dry or a more course grade of hair. If you have fine hair that tends to get oily fast, use a less hydrating product like Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine (I love their products too).

TIP: It’s good to rotate between different shampoos and conditioners every so often so that your hair doesn't become immune to them. I’m actually rotating my shampoo/conditioner now because my hair isn’t getting as clean. A great way to tell that it's time to switch is when your hair seems like it isn’t lasting as long, or it's getting greasy quickly. I also recommend Cream of Nature, or anything natural with no sulfates. Professional products (Paul Mitchell, Redken, etc.)  also work really well but they are pricier.  

2. Washing/Blow-Drying:

So when you wash, make sure the water isn’t too hot. Hot water dries your hair out soooo much. Moisture is the key to healthy hair! So use lukewarm water to wash, and cold water to rinse. It doesn’t have to be freezing, but you want it cool. That’s gonna add so much shine and won’t dry out all of that good moisture you infused with the conditioner. When you blow-dry, try to only use cool or warm heat. If your hair is super thick, alternate between warm and hot, to cut down on the heat.

3. Deep Conditioner

I deep condition with a Shea Moisture masque every other time I wash my hair, so every other week. Any of their masques are wonderful. I usually just make sure I put a liberal amount of the masque in my hair, detangle it, and put a clear shower cap over it. Boom. Let it sit. Sometimes I do it overnight which yields amazing results, sometimes only for 20 minutes – whatever I have the time for.

4. Heat Protectant

This is super important if you don’t want heat damage, and you want that silky shiny look. Put this on when your hair is damp, right before you blow-dry it. I usually use a little Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioner (only $3.99). I only use a dime size on each fourth of my hair. It’s light and doesn’t make my hair too greasy like quite a few heat protectants do. Plus, I use the Chi Silk Infusion (next step), so you don’t want to load your hair up with too many products. A little goes a long way.

5. Silk Infusion Serum

I also use a silk infusion serum by Chi which is absolutely AMAZING. This is power in a tiny bottle. A little goes a very very long way. Put this on after you blow-dry your hair (before flat-ironing). I usually put less than a dime size drop into my hand, rub it into my hands, and then rub into my hair. Makes for a beautiful shine and heat protectant, and it won’t make your hair oily. It’s pricy ($27) but this tiny bottle seems like it never runs out! I've had mine for years and I'm still on the first bottle. Plus, it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE on how the flat iron glides down your hair, and how your hair looks when it’s all done. Oh, and it smells so freakin' good.  

6. Flat Iron

I use FHI flat irons. Been using them for years and years. This is the exact flat iron I use, but it seems that it’s not available on this site. Make sure if you get and FHI flat iron, you get one with a temperature adjuster. That is crucial because different hair types have different heat tolerances. My hair is pretty soft and curly (and I don’t want to get heat damage), so I keep mine on 375 degrees.

7. Multivitamins

I might be getting too deep here (LOL), but I take multi-vitamins every day and I know they impact the health of my hair. I am a firm believer that our hair and skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us! I also try to eat decently, and drink lots of water.

So there you have it! My hair routine. It's pretty straightforward but healthy hair takes patience. Products may vary based on your hair type. These are my go-tos and are super affordable, which works perfectly for me. You can find most of them at your local drug store. You can have healthy hair without spending a ton of money on overpriced products. Don't be fooled!