5 Reasons NOT to Buy an iPad?

iPad Fever! 

It’s everywhere!  Everywhere we turn there is a friend, family member or coworker talking about how much they want the latest iPad.  Even if you are a fan of Android, or of any other brand, you can at least admit that the advertisements for the latest iPad are everywhere.  It’s almost impossible to avoid them!
The problem is, tablets like the iPad are one of those gadgets that are hard to classify under the “needs” portion of our budget.  For most of us the iPad will forever remain on our wish lists because at the end of the day, it’s more of a luxury than a necessity.  However, that sure doesn’t stop us from wanting one!
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Too help all of us from giving into the iPad Fever; I thought I would share some information with you from a blog post I recently read on moneytalksnews.com.  Now I’ll warn you, if you’ve been yearning for an iPad recently this is probably NOT what you want to hear, BUT it will help you control the urge to blow an entire paycheck on that oversized iPod.  So without further delay, ladies and gentleman I give you…

The Top 5 Reasons Why You shouldn’t buy an iPad

Expensive – Obvious I know, but let’s get this one addressed right off the bat.  You may have heard your friends talking about how they got a new iPad for around $400-$500, but what you may not realize is that this is the starting price!  In other words that is what you’ll pay for the most basic version.  If you are looking to get anything with retina display or 3G, then you should plan on shelling out a hefty $800!  Ouch!
Note Taking – This is an excuse I hear all the time from my friends.  “If I get the new iPad, it will make note taking so much easier.”  While this may be true in SOME cases, the hardcore fact is that the keyboard on the iPad is nowhere near the same size as a standard keyboard.  Couple the awkward spacing with no tactile feedback and you might find that taking notes on this fancy tablet is more cumbersome than convenient. 
Distracting – While your intentions to take notes diligently throughout a lecture may be pure, try sticking to your guns with over 500,000 apps and games that are just one downloadable touch away.  If you find yourself addicted to Angry Birds on your phone, just imagine how much harder it will be to resist playing Drawsome on the giant screen when the professor dims the lights and kicks on that boring power point presentation.  
Portable – Yes the iPad is super portable, but this also means that it is super easy to drop!  We all know a friend who has beautiful spider cracks sprawling out over the face of their smartphone.  I hate to break it to you, but your iPad is just as susceptible to damage!  Keep in mind that the slick portability of this tablet will more than likely be compromised when purchasing one of those indestructible waterproof cases.  Not to mention, good luck getting that mammoth thing to fit in your purse!
Wish List It – Yup, I said it!  Why buy the iPad when you know your B-Day is right around the corner?  I know my relatives and friends are always complaining that they have no idea what to get me for my B-Day and X-Mas.  Maybe this particular item is a little too expensive to ask Mom and Dad for, but hey!  You never know what Santa has up his sleeve!
Now please don’t take this article as me trying to bash the iPad.  Like I admitted before, I REALLY WANT ONE and I think it is a great product!  However, I do use the tips likes the ones above as a way to check myself before entering the Apple Store.
Making lists like this is something that I highly recommend doing before making any large purchase!  We get so excited when shopping, that we often ONLY list out the reasons why we SHOULD buy something, instead of asking ourselves why we! SHOULDN’T! This is a great exercise that will help you make smart and responsible purchases!  Not only will they be purchases that were fully thought through, but also ones that you can really feel good about!  So the next time an expensive item pops up on your radar, try listing out five reasons NOT to make the purchase.  I know for me, it’s been the best cure for my iPad Fever.
Until next time,