5 Habits of Financially Successful People

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What makes someone financially successful? Having enough money to put a hot tub in the bottom level of his/her three story house? Enough money to fly his/her own personal jet plane to Hawaii for the day? Or is it having a solid savings? Enough to pay the bills, take care of yourself (and possibly your family), with  having a little extra left over to spend on pizza nights?

It's a good question. What "financially" successful means to you might mean something completely different to me. But no matter what our definitions of financial success are, there are a few habits that most financially successful people share, like:

They have a goal

This is actually where your definition of financial success DOES come into play. What is it that you want? How much money do you need in order to lead a life you're happy with?

Once you answer those questions, you've got to put a goal into play so that you can reach your level of financial success. How do you plan on having enough money? How are you going to get there? What does your budget look like?

They're not ran by their impulses

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One of the hardest things I have to deal with are my impulses. I'm typically one of those people who, when in the mood for Mexican food, goes to buy Mexican. When I want a shirt, I buy it. When I don't feel like doing something.... well, you get the point.

This has NOT helped my wallet lately. People who are financially smart and successful will not let their impulses dictate their behavior. They keep their goal in mind BEFORE they fall for their sudden urges. Otherwise, their wallet will be hurt by a swirl of wants and urges. Remember that you're in control and can tell your emotions, "Sorry, we can't afford this right now."

They're prepared for accidents

Unforeseen things happen.. And I guess that's kind of obvious. None of us know EXACTLY what's in store for tomorrow. Financially successful people recognize this and keep some savings "just in case," for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day... This kind of savings is considered an "emergency fund."

They save where they can


Overspending when it isn't necessary is not a trait of a financially successful person. If you can spend $5 on a sub when you have a coupon, instead of $8 on a sub without a coupon, why not use the coupon? Even if you DO have the money to spend $8 on a sub, if you have the option to spend less, SPEND LESS. You can use that extra money for something else, and financially successful people definitely don't just throw their money into the wind for the heck of it.

They don't give up

We ALL have lazy days. Sometimes we deserve lazy days! We work hard; livin' life ain't always easy, and it's good to get a break. But don't confuse the term "break" with giving up all together. It's good to take breaks, but it's also good to keep on pushing through. Saving money can be DIFFICULT. Making money can be difficult! But to be financially successful, we've got to push ourselves to be our bests and to reach success. Of course we're human, but we've also got to be fighters in this world of finance. This way we can reach what we've deemed to be financial success, and be happy there :).


If you have any tips to be financially successful, please share them below! 

Until next time,

Vicky :)