5 Easy Ways to Save on Your Wedding

Your wedding day will more than likely be one of the most expensive days of your life! No matter how big or small your wedding budget is there are still ways to trim the fat and focus your finances on the future.


1.     The Big Three


What are the three most important items that you just cannot go without? Whether its flowers, drapery, or your dress, pick your three. Next, choose three items you can live without. Allocate more room for spending on the top three items and drastically cut costs on the least important items.


2.     Downsize Your Reception


The most important part of your wedding is the wedding. As obvious as this sounds many guests become too concerned about the reception. Cut your reception list down as small as possible and invite the majority of the people to the ceremony only.


3.     Cut Down on Flowers


Floral arrangements are shockingly expensive, especially for a larger wedding. You can end up spending $5,000 or more on flowers alone. Reduce this cost buy choosing less expensive flowers or use silk flowers.


4.     Cut the Main Course


There are several full course dinner alternatives. You can do strolling appetizers with cocktails. You can also cut a course off the dinner menu.


5.     Downsize the Cake


Your cake will be cut up into edible piece anyway, so why not have a cake for show? You can have a mock cake where the tier that you cut is authentic. Then your catering team can take the cake to the back and cut a cheaper cake and serve it on plates to your guests.



Compromise is great, but remember it’s still your big day. Think outside the box and never let go of the dream day you imagine. For more #WeddingWednesday tips search the keyword “wedding” in our blog search.



Stay Young & Be Free,