5 Childhood Toys that are Now Worth Big Money

It's strange to think a toy you could've been drooling on years ago when you were just a 'lil toddler may now be worth good money. Shoot - maybe you even have some childhood toys at home that you haven't (or your parents haven't) gotten ridden of yet.

Check out these FIVE childhood toys that could have you rolling in the dough.


1. An Original Gameboy

These can sell upward of $800.

2. An original Cabbage Patch Kid

The oldest of these dolls in good condition can sell upward of $1,000.

3. G.I. Joe Action Figures

I know my little brother will be happy to hear this - these dolls can sell upward of $200.

4. Transforming Power Rangers

These fun toys can not only change to power ranger mode right in front of your eyes, that can also score you $1,000.

5. A First Generation Charizard Pokemon Card

For those of you who used to collect Pokemon cards, this is a big one. This card can be worth upward of $650.


Thank you Buzzfeed for the info! You want to know more childhood games that are worth some money, check out this list!


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