5 Affordable Wedding Rehearsal Venues

By now, you’ve probably come to the realization that weddings are extremely expensive, especially if you want to include all of the traditional practices and necessities. Having a rehearsal dinner is one of those traditional needs during your wedding process. The purpose behind it is after your bridal party has practiced for hours making sure the ceremony is just right they are now rewarded with food and beverages on you! Plus, you get to have some great bonding time, hear heartfelt toasts and speeches, and relax until the big day. It's really a fun tradition but can get costly if you try to make it a mini wedding reception. Here are some suggested places to have your rehearsal dinner.



1.     At A Home


If you or someone you know has a house that can accommodate your bridal party then think about hosting it there. You can save on tipping, you won’t be restrained to business hours, and you can even prepare the food you love.


2.     Community Room


Check with local activity centers, or credit unions and see if they have room you can rent for a small fee. Once again, you will save on food if you prepare it yourself.


3.     Club House


If you or someone you know live in a condo or apartment and can rent their club house out for free this is a great option. You will save plenty!


4.     Pizza Place

Pizza is very inexpensive and it goes a long way.


5.     Chinese or Mexican Restaurant

Once again, this style of food is very inexpensive and feeds a lot of people. You can get take out or dine in, either way you will save.


In my opinion your rehearsal dinner is a great place to cut costs. You can make it fun, intimate, and endearing without breaking the bank! I hope this helped save you money. Happy #WeddingWednesday.


Stay Young & Be Free,