Advice for the 2016 Spokester Applicants

The Young & Free Michigan Spokester search entry deadline is fast approaching! Truth be told in 2014, I didn’t even know about the job until a week before the deadline, but I made sure I got my application in on time! 

It’s extremely important that you read the complete job description and job requirements to be the Spokester. Remember, this is a legit job that could really help you build your resume and get a ton of experience working with a marketing and PR team. 

I’ve gotten a few comments or emails from potential applicants, who are concerned because they think their video skills aren’t great or they didn't go to college. Well, I didn’t attend University, and I am fully aware of my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to this job. I tend to be a lot more passionate when it comes to creating videos instead of writing blogs. But this job gives you the opportunity to use your skills and passions. You get to be YOU! Please don’t worry about having a fancy video- I recorded my first video on my computer and you can tell a major difference in the quality and editing of my videos from two years ago to now. The important thing is that you won’t see a difference in my personality or character in the videos. I was shamelessly me. So, go record your video and be you! (But be the most excited version of you.)  

In the video below I added my entry clip from 2014.  Don’t be afraid to apply, because if you don’t, you really could be passing up the opportunity of a life time. I also have received a quite a few emails asking for advice. I don't want to give anyone private advice because I want this contest to be fair. Instead, I ended up ranting on a little at the end of this video giving you some advice and inspiration for you applications! 

Good luck! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,