4 Ways to Conquer the Complicated World of Adulting

If you successfully paid a bill, did your laundry, ran your own errands, or cooked your own dinner today, then you have officially “adulted.” Adulting is when you begin to do “grown up” things on your own. Some of us naturally ease into the role, others take a bit longer and are better in some areas than others. Here are some helpful tips to conquer adulting:


1.     Get Organized


Yeah, I know it’s easier said than done but someone had to say it! Organization is a key factor in adulting and if you aren’t the greatest at organization, there are several  tools to help you.


Tip: You can get an alarm clock (a real one) and place it on the opposite side of your room, or in the bathroom, so that you’re forced to get up when it goes off. You can purchase a large calendar and schedule even the smallest things like social media time, eating, showering, and sleeping. Yes, it’s a bit much but once you get into a routine you’ll be able to loosen the reins.


2.      Be on Time

The on-time struggle is real for me, but I try my hardest not to let it show, especially in school or at work. It’s important to be on-time. When I was an undergrad I really didn’t value timeliness and I’m paying for it now. As I look back, I realize how flaky and disrespectful I looked at the time because in my mind I wasn’t “hurting” anyone by being late; to others I came off as self-centered and rude.  Not to mention, it can cost you plenty of opportunities.


Tip: Use the electronic calendar on your phone and set plenty of reminders and alarms to alert you of what you have to do next. If some proposes a date, lock it into your calendar right away.


3.     Put the “Grow” in Grown Up

We see so many adults who are doing the same thing, day in and day out, and we tell ourselves that that’ll never be us. Well, the best way to avoid this fate is by growing. Challenge yourself by reading more, learning more, exploring, and traveling.


Tip: Create a yearly bucket list and make a promise to yourself that you’ll complete it.


4.     Take Care of You

A huge part of adulting is self-care. Most adults look older than they are because they overstress, overwork, overeat, and never make time for themselves. You have to be intentional about you. Make your doctors, dentists, and other health appointments are made in advance and stick to them.


Tip: Take yourself on a date each month. Do whatever you want but make sure it’s outside of your house.


When we break it down adulting doesn’t seem so intimidating after all! If you have any more questions about adulting, or life in general, be sure to connect with me on social @YoungFreeMI.


Stay Young & Be Free,