4 Things to do Before 2016

There’s only 4 days left in 2015 and I don’t know about you, but I want my 2016 to be even better than the wonderful 2015 I had. In order for things to go differently I need to change a few things right off the bat. As I was thinking about what I need to change right away, I came up with 4 things that everyone should consider changing before and going into a new year.

   1. Your Financial Institution

Money is a huge factor of stress in our lives and if we want to be a little more care free, we might want to examine our financial institution and how they are handling our money. What kind of fees do you have at your financial institution? If they are taking more of your money than you’d like, switch to a new financial institution. Michigan First Credit Union has a great account for 17-25 year old’s that you might want to consider. I wanted to mention this because the First Gear Account at Michigan First has no fees as well as several other perks like oops forgiveness and no minimum balance requirement. Find more information about the Michigan First, First Gear account by clicking here. 

    2. Go to bed earlier

Have you noticed that little kids get grumpier when they haven’t had enough sleep? Well, news flash, we get that way too! Sleep is so important! So before the new year begins, evaluate how much time you are actually sleeping and not laying in bed on your phone, or watching Netflix. My advice is, go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. This will also give you a head start into true adulthood.

    3. Limit your time on social media

Social media is fun, I love it, but it can also be toxic -  toxic to real quality time, toxic to our confidence and toxic to our relationships. So, before 2016, limit your time on social media and see what kind of change it makes in your relationships and personality.

    4. Get organized

I think this last point is pretty self-explanatory. I have been working hard on my organization skills and if I had to grade my organization, I’d give myself a C. I am determined to live a life without a pile of papers on the counter and without a pile of clothes in the corner of my room… I’ll get there one day.

Although these 4 points were a little all over the place I am confident that these small changes can have a big impacts on this new year of life and they can help you reach your goals of 2016. 

So, I challenge you to write down four things to change before 2016 and start one of those four things today!

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,