As simple as it may seem it’s a must to be able to decipher a want verses a need. For example, a need is water and food and a want is wine and Olive Garden. When your money is low, wants have to go!



2.     Emergency Fund

Our age group is often stereotyped for living a bit too freely and at times careless. Let’s break the stereotype and become planners. The smallest thing can really throw off your finances so an emergency fund is a must in any plan. A blown tire or a medical need not covered by your insurance can affect you majorly. Having an emergency fund can help support you in unexpected situations or crisis.


3.     Ask for Help

I understand wanting to be independent and showing those around you that you can make it, but don’t be too prideful. If you are struggling in your finances ask a credit counselor or a student loan counsel for help. There’s nothing worse than digging yourself in a financial whole you spend your lifetime trying to get out.


This is only the beginning of building you financial skills, work on these three things and you’ll be off to a great start. To stay in loop follow me on social @YoungFreeMI.



Stay Young & Be Free,