32 Things Every High School Senior Needs to Know Before School Starts

Senior year of high school was by far the toughest, craziest, most insane year for me. Man, I wish I knew what I know now. Here are all the things that I learned along the way, and they'll make your senior year a heck of a lot easier. 


  • Senioritis is a real disease. Try not to catch it.
  • Don’t let your grades slip once you get accepted into a college. 
  • Leave a positive mark. A gift to your school, letters to your teachers, or community service makes a difference.
  • Take a leadership position in one of your favorite extracurricular clubs or groups. 


  • Don’t freak out if you don’t have a prom date. Go with friends. 
  • Prom is overrated. The best part is the pictures before you even get there. 
  • Try not to overspend on prom. It ain’t even that serious. Set a budget. 

College Prep

  • Study for the ACT/SAT. It makes a difference. Then take it at least 3 times.
  • Find out if you’re eligible for an ACT/SAT fee waiver. If so, you’re eligible for 4 college application fee waivers.
  • Ask for letters of recommendations early (as soon as you get back to school in September) - before everyone else does!
  • If you aren’t sure what you want to study in college, don’t freak out.  
  • Seek advice from your teachers or professionals in the fields you’re interested in. 
  • Job shadow as many people, and as many times, as possible.
  • Go visit colleges before you apply.
  • Go see your guidance counselor early and often. 
  • Don’t burn bridges. You’ll need your teachers for great letters of recommendation.
  • Take your admissions essay seriously. Dare to be different. 
  • Have someone proofread this essay. It is your ticket. Typos are the devil. 
  • Apply for FAFSA early. January 1 is the first day to apply. You’ll get the best financial aid package.
  • Do community service and track it. Colleges like that stuff. 


  • Learn some life skills. Ya know, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. 
  • Go where the money is, unless you got money. 
  • Don’t pick your school based on your friends. You’ll get new ones. Better ones. 
  • When you decide on a college, find an Alumni association - they give away great advice and scholarship money.


  • Start saving now. Your broke days are soon to come. 
  • Apply for scholarships. A lot of them. 
  • Find your side hustle (doing hair, cooking, Deejaying), and practice it. This will be your financial savior when you get to college.

Random but Necessary 

  • Bring tissue on the last day of school. 
  • Don’t get too serious in high school relationships. They usually don’t make it too far after. 
  • Be careful with senior pranks. Your goal is to graduate. 
  • Appreciate home (and home-cooked food) while you’re there. 
  • Your high school reputation goes with you to college. 
  • Have fun, even though college is even more fun. 

If you need help with college applications, have questions, or would like more guidance in navigating your way through the process, feel free to hit me up

Be Easy,