3 Simple ways to Save!

There are so many practical ways to save money and make money as a young adult in Michigan. Today we are going to touch on three simple ways, cans, coupons and coins.

1-    Cans

Unlike Texas or Arizona, Michigan gives you cash back for recycling beverage cans! This was so fascinating to me as a child who moved from Arizona. I loved taking the soda cans to the grocery store and cashing out! Don’t throw those can’s away! Cash out. (If the can deposit wont accept the can, take them to the customer service desk. They might be able to help you out!)

2. Coupons

After watching TLC’s extreme coupons, I was determined to be that lady who has a massive stock pile full of free stuff. Couponing was hard, it took a lot of time and I had to be very organized. I will say that I learned a lot while trying to extreme coupon; however, it wasn’t practical for my life style. Now I try to keep up with my grocery store’s app and rewards card. I also pay attention to the weekly sales coupons I get in the mail. One tip I live by when it comes to getting a great deal is, when an item you use on a regular basis goes on sale, buy in bulk and always  search online or ask for a discount of coupon.

3. Coins

One hundred penny’s equals a dollar. Don’t waste the change you have laying around! Instead collect that change and deposit it into your account. At Michigan First we have High Speed Coin Machines that are free for members to use. The High Speed Coin Machine will deposit your money right into your account. You don’t even have to deal with the hassle of coin rolls.


Those are three simple ways to save some money and make a little money in Michigan.

This fall I will defiantly deposit my cans, clip more coupons and use the High Speed Coin Machine at Michigan First. What are some ways you like to save money? Comment below or let me know on social. 

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