3 Alternatives to the Campus Book Store

You know the saying: "friends don't let friends __fill in the blank__?" Well, friends definitely don't let friends buy their textbooks from the school store. And why is that? Because then they're letting their friends waste MAJOR money! 

Buying textbooks from the school store is usually the most expensive option. Check out the alternatives below to save some money when getting books for class.

Buy at an off-campus book store

The reason why text books cost so much on campus is because of convenience. The whole idea is that because you're already on campus, you'll just buy your book on campus too. But it's NOT WORTH IT. Most schools have other competing book stores that are near campus, where the costs of text books are slashed. For example, I saved $40 buying a textbook from Bookmark instead of the on-campus book store this year.

Buy online

Websites like AmazonSlugbooks and eCampus offer a cheap alternative for text books, plus buying online gives you the option to compare prices. Most books are available online; all you have to do is enter the title, author, or ISBN. It usually only takes a couple of days for the books to come in once you've ordered them, and it's well worth it :)

Use Kindle eTextbook Rental

This is a really option that I've just heard about myself. If you feel like saving money while saving trees, it's DEFINITELY a good option for you. You can save up to 80% when compared to the list price of a print text book, PLUS you DO NOT NEED A KINDLE in order to access the books you rent! You can access the books from not only Kindle devices, but also the iPad, Macs AND PCs. Not too shabby, eh?


If you're a big procrastinator like me, chances are you still haven't bought your text books for class. If you already have purchased your text books, don't sweat it! You can always use these alternatives for your next class :). 


Until next time,