2015 Accountablility Check Up

So, we are in the second month of the year. Am I keeping up with my new year resolutions?  Well, first let's review what my new year resolutions were....

So how have I been doing? This is a moment of truth...

  • Drink more water-YES!
  • Eat more vegetables-YES, I have been making a smoothie at least once a day full of carrots, kale and stuff.
  • Read a book a month- I almost finished my book...so, no.
  • Clean my house more- YES and I am proud of it.
  • Get rid of junk- I dropped off a ton of stuff at Goodwill and I'm still clearing stuff out.
  • Work out twice a week- YEP and I love it!
  • Write about my life- No, I haven't started this yet, but hopefully I will start this soon.
  • Get out of debt- Work in progress.
  • Stop twirling my hair- I twirled my hair way to much already, but I have become more aware of it, so that's a start. 
  • Stop wrinkling my brow so much- I have stopped myself several times from wrinkling my brow.
  • Throw out junk mail- Still sorting through piles...never ending piles.
  • Stop transferring money from savings to checking- Work in progress.

So what about you? It's time for you to do a little check up on yourself. See where more improvement can be done and what you have done really well so far this year! Encourage yourself and challenge yourself. With hard work and determination you can achieve every one of your goals this year! 

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Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,