15 Minutes A Day...

If I honestly wrote down exactly how I used all of the time in the day, I would probably be very disappointed in myself. Don't get it twisted, I work hard. But, in between my full time job, my volunteering, being a wife to my husband and trying to have a social life, you can find me either watching TV of some sort or making a mess in the house with craft supplies. 

My house seems to become a disaster a day after I make is spotless... this concerns me because one day I will have some children and I know that means the mess will never stop unless I learn to contain it now. 

 I walk in the house like...

I walk in the house like...

So here is my challenge for all of you messy, creative people out there, let's just take a minimum of 15 minutes everyday to clean up. I am literally going to blast some music and set a timer for myself to clean up my house every day. I no longer want to go into speed cleaning mode because someone is coming over. I am determined to keep a nice home. And I know I can handle cleaning for just 15 minutes every day! Can you?

What are somethings that help you keep your room/ dorm/ apartment/ house clean? 

And what about keeping our accounts clean? Do you use online or mobile banking to make sure all of your money is in order? How about online, automatic bill pay? Did you know you can have multiple savings accounts, and name them specific things to help you stay organized? Those are things you might want to consider to help your finances stay in order this year! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,