$15 a week...

What do I spend $15 on every week?  Food, gas, snacks, movies, drug store randomness... whatever it may be, instead you could save that $15 every week and at the end of the year you will have, $780! Wow, just think how much money we are wasting. I know I could have saved way more that that last year if I only considered the small things.

I'm not saying, never go out and don't spend money, but I am saying that in 2015 we need to be more savings conscious. Create a goal chart a money board, something that will remind why your at home watching Netflix instead of out at the movies. Weather you save $2 a week or $75 a week, make saving money a priority this year. 

Check out this blog I found that will really put saving money in perspective, What if you saved enough to go on a vacation? 

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