10 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

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"You get what you pay for" is a CLASSIC saying. And you do usually get what you pay for (if not, you might want to consider shopping somewhere else...) I wouldn't want to go to an ice-cream shop, pay for a super duper sundae, and then end up with a half fat, sugar free, mini ice-cream cone.

Though - I'm pretty sure that's not what the saying means. What it means is: if you spend more money, you'll get better quality. BUT THAT ISN'T ENTIRELY TRUE. You can spend less money, and STILL get quality items.

For example, you'd only be spending $1 on the following items, but would receive the SAME quality you'd of gotten if you spent $3 at a different chain store.

So when you want to save some money, but still want quality, buy these items at the dollar store INSTEAD of a "more expensive" chain store:

1. Greeting Cards

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Some places sell these cards for $4 + dollars. At the dollar store, you can get GOOD greeting cards for as inexpensive as 2 for $1.

2. Party supplies

According to Money Talks News, you can save up to 70% buying party supplies at a dollar store. 

3. Reading glasses

dollar store glasses.jpg

My parents could DEFINITELY attest to this. They buy TONS of reading glasses at the dollar store, and the glasses work JUST AS GOOD. They're just not brand name.

4. Cleaning supplies

Though the cleaning supplies at the dollar store aren't brand name, they're usually made up of the SAME ingredients that brand name products have.

5. Spices

Spices at the dollar store are JUST AS GOOD as spices anywhere else, and usually half of the cost.

6. Socks


Socks are hard to keep together and can get lost easily. Most big market stores sell socks for upwards of $5. I've gotten A LOT of cute socks at the dollar store for a fraction of the price.

7. Vases

Whether you plan on giving, receiving or buying yourself flowers, the dollar store offers A LOT of cute vases for the fraction of the price of the bigger stores.

8. Notebooks

Most notebooks cost around $2 or $3. The dollar store offers notebooks that are just as good.

9. Seasonal decorations

Seasons fly by FAST. You can buy some nice decorations at the dollar store, rather than buy some nice decorations for $8 + dollars somewhere else.

10.  Picture frames 

picture frame.jpg

There are actually some pretty nice picture frames at the dollar store. But if you none are to your liking, you could always buy a plain frame and decorate it yourself!!

So next time you plan on buying any of the items listed above, you know where to go!

Until next time,

Vicky :)