10 Essentials to a great Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is amazing! It's a day you and your friends host your own Thanksgiving dinner. It’s filled with tons of laughs, food, and fun. It’s also a great way for those who live out of state or can’t make the trip home to enjoy the holiday. Typically, Friendsgiving happens just days before your actual Thanksgiving dinner and it’s much more relaxed and laid back. The food is the key to a great Friendsgiving but there are a few other things to consider.


1)    Choose Your Host

Choose the friend with the best house/apartment and someone who can cook a great turkey.


2)    Everyone Must Sign up to Bring A Dish

No matter how bad of a cook you are, bring a dish. It’s Friendsgiving, a judgment-free zone. If you can’t cook, buy a great dessert or some side dishes from somewhere like Boston Market®.


3)    Create A Playlist

Create a fun and festive holiday playlist to set the vibe.


4)    Setting the Scene

Although it’s just friends, make sure you include some nice place settings, bowls, and silverware, even if you have to borrow it from home.


5)    Get A Head Count

Make sure you know who’s coming and that everyone brings something so that no one leaves hungry.


6)    Games

Bring your favorite board games.


7)    Dessert

Dessert is a must! If everyone brings a variety of desserts, that’s even better.


8)    Pull for Secret Santa

You can take names for secret Santa at your Friendsgiving.


9)    Thankful Toast

It’s always touching to have everyone say what they’re thankful for and show each other some love.


10)  Everyone Clean Up

Make sure everyone stays for the cleanup. The host shouldn’t have to do it all.


There you have it, ten tips for an amazing Friendsgiving. Snap lots of pics and tag me in a few so I can see all of your holiday festivities.


Stay Young & Be Free,