Megan Champine


After a lot of thinking and failing to a choose a topic that I related too and felt passionate about, I thought of the idea of failure and struggle. When you first think about failing it is something that most people don't want to talk about. Sometimes it could be shameful to have failed at something. We measure our success by the amount of times we failed getting there, yet we forget that almost every single person in this world has at least failed at one thing in their life. Failure is something no one wants to talk to about, but I don't see it that way. I think more people need to know about and understand and accept failure. Failure can be something that we can find appreciation for. At least it means you tried. Some people can't even say that much because they are too afraid of failure that they let their dreams slip right out from under them. More people need to know that failure is one hundred percent okay. And that failure doesn't define you. I, myself have failed many times, and I'm not ashamed to talk about it. Even something as little as getting a bad grade on a test can mean failure, but it doesn't make you, as a person, a failure. What you do, and what you may or may not succeed at, doesn't determine the person that you are or even the person that you may become. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and if you don't, then I think you need to tell the rest of the world your secret because I have yet to meet someone who hasn't gone through something difficult. Being perfect may not be something that is even close to attainable and I think that is something everyone needs to know more about. Appreciate the hardships in your life for what they are and get out of it a stronger version of yourself. If you are continually striving for some version of perfection, you are always going to be let down because each individual is perfect in their own way. Accept a failure as a stepping stone and a learning opportunity for you next life endeavors. I truly believe that once you feel confident enough about yourself and can let a single failure not the get the best of you, you are well on your way to doing and achieving something way better than you could ever have thought possible. If I could tell every person I met that, I would because it's true and it is absolutely something everyone should know about.