Mariae’ Thompson


There have been numerous debates regarding sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has gotten out of control, with men and women, in and out of the workforce. The inappropriate behavior is one of the massive dilemmas employees face during work. When sexual harassment occurs it discourages people from involving in various diverse activities and changes their emotional behavior. Usually, victims agree to the harassment because they may want to get a promotion, a higher salary, or prevent themselves from getting hurt or fired. In order to prevent sexual harassment the suffers need to be encouraged not to blame themselves, keep a record regarding the harassment, and seek any type of help. This is a very important topic to discuss because of how insecure people start to feel about themselves and shuts themselves from the world. It is very hard, not only for women but men also, to speak up about the incident without encouragement. They are afraid that they will get judged by their peers and would think that the victim is only causing a scene to get attention. As a result, the victim may wait a long time before telling their story. Everyone would then be against the culprit and be too narcissistic to listen to their side of the story. The victims of sexual harassment have been hurt either physically, mentally, or emotionally in a sexual manner. Many people in this situation feel shameful, has low self-esteem, dread the consequences, have a hard time focusing, are dealing with depression or post traumatic stress, and they have the impression that they do not matter in life or to anyone. Sexual harassment is a very big topic in today's society. Once one person stands up to their harasser, it is shown all over the media. By the situation being placed on the media, more victims speak up and tell their story. To all victims who exposed to this harassment, do not hold your tongue, speak up, you will then encourage others to do the same. It is very unhealthy to keep quiet if you are being sexually harassed. No matter who culprit may be, family member or not, tell someone. There are many ways to seek help, for instance talking to an attorney, counselor, family member or close friend you trust, anyone you feel comfortable with. There needs to be a change in the world. Just by one person speaking up, they could make that change.