Lanija Fairley


Millions of Americans are diagnosed with pre-diabetes and what’s worse is that more than half of these people walk around unknowingly of this. A lot of people don’t take the diagnosis serious enough to actually take the preventive measures to stop it. I believe that when people think they don't have the actual disease then that makes them safe. When diagnosed adults are not educated on that particular topic enough to worry of the dangers that it can cause. I believe that everyone should be aware of pre-diabetes, what causes it and use preventative measures to reverse dangers of this disease.

Americans already live an unhealthy lifestyle by not eating right and the lack of exercise. Which in fact is a start of why most of them are prone to pre-diabetes. In addition people eat too much sugar that contributes to diabetes. Even eating the simplest of food such as bread, snack bars, oatmeal, and yogurts can contain sugars you should watch for. The pancreas produces insulin which allows sugar in blood to reach the cells, though, that doesn't always happen right away which causes pre-diabetes.

Doctors and nurse practitioners should make their patients aware of this issue early in their health treatment. Doing this will help people to remain healthy from the beginning. Doctors don’t always have time to address a case like this due to their caseload. I believe that working with a nurse practitioner, who may have more time to see patients and decrease the chance of getting diabetes. People should take personal responsibility for diet and exercising. Taking sugars out their diet definitely helps and can make a difference. Even if your unable to make it to the gym, a light exercise will bring your chances down.