Jessica Taylor


As an high school senior eager to take the next steps in my life I have looked toward my older peers and asked them how can became as well established as they have. I received a variety of different answers from this question but only one had abiding affect on me. I was enlightened that networking is and essential key to emerging yourself into any environment. The advise that my guide told me was that “you cannot go anywhere without the help of someone else” these words resonated with me allowed me to see how prevalent that statement was. Learning how to network is an essential skill to prosper in any domain in and out of the workforce. Pondering over this new enlightenment I thought back to a numerous amount of instances where myself or others have gained benefit from knowing someone who could connect us. During my sophomore year I attended a seminar for young girls who were interested in public communication. The main speaker was a young woman who worked on the local new station, at the seminar she gave the audience an overview of how she started her career. The woman had said that she was given the job by a woman she met at the supermarket, who invited her to the staff party. Not knowing from that point on she began to get affiliated with her soon to be coworkers, later they played a part in her getting the job. Branching off and using your communication skills holds so many benefits that are not taught in classrooms. Forming relationships with people in your field can take you farther than your own natural talent at times. Networking skills you aside from other candidates because of the relationship that you have with the person that recommended you. The importance of networking needs to be more widely spreaded and encouraged starting from a young age so that students can have that advantage. Which is why I feel that networking is something that additional people need to be informed about.