Jaylyn Haygood


I think something more people should know about me is that I really like to exceed expectations and spite people through my hard work. Now my act of malice is not one of cruelty, but of proving people wrong who have underestimated me in every possible way. If someone said I would never amount to anything in life, you bet I would be a millionaire in the next month (give or take). Due to my lack of confidence, motivation and passion does not come easy. But if someone else demonized my character other than me (because no one can insult me but me) I would try my very best to prove them wrong.

An example of this would have to be my grandma. Earlier in 2016 I wanted to lose weight, because high school stairs have won too many battles with me. After further research I decided to become a pescatarian, which means the only meat I would be eating was fish. Which meant no more Kentucky Fried Chicken and BBQ hamburgers. It was a tragic fate I set for myself, but I believed I could do it. Ironically my grandma did not. When I first told her about my new diet she said I would not be able to last a month. After that conversation my path was clearly set for me, I was going to prove her wrong. My new lifestyle last for 7 months, and I was proud of myself, since during those months I lost a couple pounds. The only reason I went back to meat was because the school lunch really did not cater to people who did not eat meat.

Me having more passion for projects isn’t all dependent on my goal to prove people wrong, but it is a fun plus when I do get to my goal. My hard working also plays into me running my high school’s book club. I take great pride in my little nerdy group of gals and guys. This club does require a lot of time management including public speaking skills. This club has taught me a lot about these two things, making me more efficient in my classes. My hard work towards book club motivates me greatly to do good in my classes.