More people need to know about the importance of education, knowledge, and abstract thinking. So often, the students with the ability to simply memorize are praised, while those who can think big-picture, and apply the knowledge, are not as valued. This is not a new issue, but as the world around us changes, and machines continue to take our jobs, it is a necessary observation to make. The only thing that separates human beings and machines is our ability to think for ourselves. Unfortunately those who do not possess this necessary skill will eventually not be needed. Furthermore, thinking abstractly is a skill that applies to every walk of life, whether a person wants to be a musician or a doctor, they need to be able to think critically.

This issue is not as easy a fix as some may think, because it is embedded in the culture of our schools. Teachers teach directly to the tests, students use quizlet and google to do assignments, and majority of these schools are graduating out robot students. Those few students who do think for themselves are discouraged, and either conform or hide their ability. 

I think that more people should know about this issue because everyone deserves the liberation of true education--to learn and be able to USE that knowledge in other aspects of their lives. When students begin to see the positives to learning, then they can have a better attitude toward school, but it starts with the curriculum. We need to make the curriculum relevant, and teach it with a fervor so students see its importance and want to understand.