Edward Binford


I strongly believe that people need to know more about how to manage money. Knowing how to manage money alone is not the only thing that people need to know, but when they begin learning is just as important as knowing how to manage money. I have heard my parents and others say how important it is to save. I think that many people don't save more,not because they can't, but because they don't know how to manage the money that they do have. Far too often people learn how to manage money through trial and error. Those who are educated about how money works early on i.e. elementary school, seem to fair better in life as far as financial success and security are concerned. Sadly poor money management is learned from generation to generation which prevents progressive growth. My teachers and parents have both told me at different times about courses like Home Economics or Accounting that used to be taught at almost every High School, but now those courses have been replaced by others lacking in the tools to prepare young people for financial independence and stability. It seems as if people who already have a financially secure future i.e. the wealthy, are taught these valuable lessons early on, but those who may be less fortunate and suffer greater consequences for not knowing the basics of financial accountability are not taught at all leaving them vulnerable to financial pitfalls sometimes through the course of a lifetime. At the very least, I feel that basic money management skills should be taught from kindergarten throughout High School, rather the school be public, private, charter or etc. I feel that everyone can take part in this effort, not just schools, financial institutions, churches, even extra curricular clubs or groups. Collectively these institutions can have a tremendous impact. These basic money skills taught early on and continuously reinforced could make a difference between poverty and wealth, homelessness and home ownership, happiness and despair or working to live or truly living life to the fullest!