Cayla Thompson


One important element that human beings need to conquer would be that of time management. The very essence of time management helps to direct and keep order, and create the ability to be effective and more productive in completing goals. Effective time management allows an individual the opportunity to complete a task in a less stressful and timely fashion. The greater organized you are, the greater the avenues you can complete in a distance whereas you can still have enough time.

The key to time management is to see the value of every moment and cease it. Sometimes as a people we feel as if we have all the time in the world. However the truth is that the day is at hand, whereas we have to realize that time is the essence of organization and preparation. Time is essential to every accomplishment that is needed to be made. In my opinion, every second wasted is in fact crucial to our destiny and purpose. Yes, one may argue that my statement is far fetch and not true, but find me a person who is well organized and I’ll show you a person who is focused on the present and appreciate the importance of the term every second count.

If we take a look at life as whole, everything is predicated by time, and lack of time can cause huge complication and/or deterrence. Let’s look at birth. We are all given a time frame to be born. Yes, there are times when some babies are born prematurely and some are past due, but complications many times derived from both instances. If a baby is born too early, birth defects can occur and in many cases learning disabilities form. If a child is born later than normal a greater risk of death to that of the infant and/or mother. Time is of need in both cases and essential to the normality of the birth. Even though this particular situation could sometimes fall out of the hand of the mother, my point was that lack of the right time could cause dramatic consequences.

In conclusion, we have to remember once time is gone, then it’s gone and there is nothing we can do about it. It is imperative that we appreciate the time we have and realize that we all are allowed the same amount of time. It is in how we use that time that determines the outcome of the goals. There is nothing like going through this thing call life and looking back to notice how much time we’ve wasted, stress caused, and opportunities that slipped away from poor time management. My belief is that if we catch on early in life the importance of organizing events and executing them with a game plan, then we can and will become greater beings, accomplishing reachable goals, that would otherwise be impossible had we not realize the importance of every second. Please, don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow.